Ultra-Glo™ LED Snap Frame


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The Ultra-Glo LED light frame is a high quality product that uses the same edge-lit technology as mobiles.

  • Ultra-Glo LED’s use up to 80% less energy
  • Ultra slim, (under 1″), to fit almost any location
  • LED edge lit technology
  • Even light distribution
  • Operates cool
  • Change images easily

Size Guide

A Size     Overall size (W x H)   Visual size (W x H)

A0           87.3cm x 122.1cm       82.1cm x 116.9cm
A1            62.2cm x 87.3cm        57.4cm x 82.1cm
A2           45.2cm x 62.6cm       40cm x 57.4cm
A3           32.9cm x 45.2cm        27.7cm x 40cm
A4           24.1cm x 32.9cm        21cm x 27.7cm




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